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Create a great The customer experience is the qualitative aspect of any interaction that an individual has with a business, its products or services at any point in time.

To put it another way, the experience isn’t about what something does, it’s how it does it. It’s not what the features and functions allow us to do, it’s how it makes us feel. The customer experience is not restricted to the usage of a product or service either: it spans every interaction that a customer has with a business or its offerings.
customer experience
, whoever you are

Managers, leaders and entrepreneurs

Discover why the experience matters more than ever

Identify common obstacles to making improvements

Increase sales and loyalty by delighting your customers

Design professionals

Get past inspiration and imitation

Create your best work yet in less time

Put principles to work that complement your existing approach to The term “user experience” is most commonly used to refer to the way a product or service makes somebody feel when they are actually using it. The term is especially popular in software and web-design, where the user may not actually be a customer per-se.UX and Service design is a term that is gaining popularity. Although there is no agreed definition, it refers to the idea of designing an entire joined-up service, that may include many points of contact between the individual and the business, rather than just designing the website, call centre, kiosk etc. in isolation.service design


Starting your own business

Get off to the best start by thinking ideas through from a customer's viewpoint

Save yourself time and money by thinking like an expert

Front line employees

Be the one your customers rave about

Get noticed for exceptional service

Build an empathic connection with your customers

Improve any product or service
(physical, digital or multi-channel)

Written for results

Practical advice that's easy to implement.

Start making improvements fast

Everything you need

Put the ideas to work immediately using the companion worksheets

No jargon

Written to be effortless (and fun) to read.

No managementese

Inspiring examples

Key ideas are brought to life by great case studies

Universally applicable

The principles work for any product or service, however large the business


A skimmer's guide helps you get what you need, whatever your time limits


Read it all on a long haul flight, or a chapter per day on the commute

A book for everyone

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  1. Why the customer experience matters
  2. Why customer experiences aren't improving
  3. The ten principles behind great customer experiences
  4. Great customer experiences strongly reflect the customer's identity
  5. Great customer experiences satisfy our higher objectives
  6. Great customer experiences leave nothing to chance
  7. Great customer experiences set and then meet expectations
  8. Great customer experiences are effortless
  1. Great customer experiences are stress free download this chapter for free
  2. Great customer experiences indulge the senses
  3. Great customer experiences are socially engaging
  4. Great customer experiences put the customer in control
  5. Great customer experiences consider the emotions
  6. Bringing it all together - The Apple customer experience


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